Why Rural Kids Deserve Quality Education and How You Can Help?

India has the largest illiterate population among all the nations according to a survey done by UNESCO. The figures stand at 287 million which makes up 37 % of the global illiterate population.

This is due to the fact that only the financially capable populace can benefit from the educational opportunities available. In contrast, the marginalized section of society have to suffice without having their basic needs, like education, met.

Formal education has the power to shape the personality and temperament of a child. After all, it is in a school environment that kids learn their coping mechanisms in relation to other kids and the society at large. It is an important rite of passage that expands our knowledge and forms our subsisting identity. Unfortunately many kids are deprived of this basic right due to poverty where in a quest for day-to-day survival, education seems like the last thing on their mind.

Poverty and illiteracy go hand-in-hand to form a vicious cycle. If you come from a poor family, getting education becomes an uphill task. Without any kind of qualification, the job opportunities become limited and your future appears bleak. Hence, it becomes really difficult to break out of this cycle and set yourself on a progressive path.

Although India is making great strides in increasing the literacy rate, the sub-standard quality of education puts India in a category of countries facing extensive learning crisis. In light of the current situation, the Dream Land School was initiated in 2007 to help kids from deprived backgrounds receive life-transforming education. Our aim is to equip kids with the tools that will broaden their viewpoints and help them become capable enough to face the challenges of life head-on.

At Dream Land School, we insist on teaching kids in a positive environment where their doubts are resolved and they are encouraged to dream big. We use experiential learning and our action research school focuses on each student to understand their strengths and limitations and work on them individually. Seeing their children accomplish things, the parents too feel happy and have realized the impact that quality education can have on their kid’s futures.

The number of students wanting to get enrolled in our school has increased tremendously. However, we need to upgrade our infrastructure so that we can accommodate these children. In order to do so, we need to build 2 more classrooms that will undoubtedly offer them a chance to learn in a spacious environment free from stress and worry.

Therefore, a generous contribution from your end will go a long way as the classrooms thus built will be utilized to educate generations of students. If more and more children get the opportunity to learn and grow, they will surely carve a good future for themselves. It is a small part that we can play that will have positive implications on a human life. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to help these underprivileged kids get a chance at a better future.

We, at Dream Land, firmly believe that by giving them access to quality education, we are shaping the future of our country. These young minds are being trained to dream the impossible, notwithstanding the obstacles, so that they can meet any challenge with a can-do attitude. If everyone decides to act consciously in helping these kids, then the combined effect can change the picture of our country’s current state of illiteracy.

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