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The Kapsi Community Library and Literacy Project is being supervised by ALF teachers but was designed almost entirely by the girls themselves.  Here is their plan:

1) Our Idea

Our idea is to set up a library in Kapsi because in that area there is no library. We have decided to start this library because there are many kids in our area who want to read books, but there is no place for them to get the joy of reading!

We are nine girls from SEVA Society who are going to run this library.  Each one of us is taking care of different things to run our library in a better way.  It will be our pleasure to help other kids who love to read.  Our library books are only for kids from 5 to 17 years.  Our library will open only twice a week on Saturdays and Sundays, but children will be able to borrow the books and read them at home.

2) Why read?

Reading gives a refreshment to your mind.  We greatly enjoy reading books. We love books very much and we think that books are some of our best friends in our life because they never leave us alone wherever we go.  We also think many other children should know how reading is very fantastic.

3) Why start a library in Kapsi?

Because there is no library in Kapsi. There are many children, elders, and other people who like to read books, but they do not have a chance. So, we thought to give the people of Kapsi a chance to read books in a library.

4) What we need from you! (Our Budget)

  1. Space for rent – 24,000 Rs. ($388) for six months.
  2. To buy new books- (Average cost of 1 book is 150 Rs./$2.40) We have 50 books at present.  We would like about 200 books more books to start library. Total money needed = 29,500 Rs. ($471)
  3. Shelves – 300 Rs. ($5), mats – 500 ($8)
  4. Fans – 300 Rs. ($5), tube light – 300 Rs. ($5)
  5. Posters – 200 Rs. ($4)
  6. Painting the place – 500 Rs. ($8)


1) Parents and community members may not support this project, they may want their children to spend their weekends doing other work.

We will talk to parents and convince them that this will help their child improve their English. Everyone wants their child to improve English. We can show them how our English has already improved so much since we have started reading more. We can also talk to teachers in Kapsi schools, and ask them to encourage their students to come to the library.

2) Children may prefer to spend their leisure time watching TV or doing other activities.

Our books will be interesting and colorful and attractive to the reader. Once children come and see the books they will keep wanting to read. We will also have interesting activities for the library members, and we will give prizes to children with the best attendance.

3) We may find it difficult to manage our time with school, ALF, helping in the house, and library too.

It will be difficult for us, but this is our dream project, so we will manage. We will take turns to come and manage the library on weekends, so that no one person has the full responsibility to do this.