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This automatically leads to ill-treatment of the ilk and erosion of the society fabric. Several proactive steps are being taken to spread awareness, their impact on the lives of women and their progress.

Amongst them is an emerging NGO, a rescue foundation, Samanvay. Working at the grass root level towards women empowerment, the NGO takes care of and nurtures 200 girls from unprivileged background.

Presently, the organization operates at two centers in Gwalior and Chindwada. Apart from other costs, the cost of their sanitary hygiene is totalling to a large amount. Therefore, we are planning to launch two sanitary napkin production machines that will suffice the need for 1000 napkins monthly

Having to purchase 1000+ sanitary napkins per month for the girls in our centres become financially difficult. Therefore, to tackle this issue we decided to build internal sanitary napkin machines that will be profitable in the long run. The in-house machines will save the expenses of buying sanitary products from the market in bulk. More importantly, it will create working opportunities and enable these girls to be independent.

Be a part of this social revolution:

How would it be to initiate a social revolution?

It is not every day that one gets to play a major role is a life changing phenomena. Donate towards any part of the sanitary napkin machine, give chance to these girls to lead a life worth living and be proud of it.

We will feature all our donors on our website, honouring their gesture and applauding them. Their names will appear on our site and they will also be invited to share their views and opinions identifying other ways of helping Samanvay. So open your hearts help these girls in any way we can.

May 28 is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene Day, with the aim is to break the taboo around menstruation and educate girls to feel confident. Each one reaches out to one…every step we take, brings us closer to the change we want to see.

How your contribution will be utilized

Sr. No. Name of the machine Rate per unit Quantity Total

1 Pulverizer 2HP 1440 rpm 1 face motor 64,000 / set 1 set 64,000

2 Power Pressing Machine 51,000 / set 1 set 76,000

3 Pure Steel Napkin Dye (12 Pads) 6,000 / set 2 set 20,000

4 Sealing Machine 12 inches x 8 mm 12,000 / set 2 set 30,000

5 Napkin Backside Gumming Set 6,000 / set 1 set 6,000

6 Sterilizer Woven (Full Size) 22,000 / set 1 set 22,000

7 Napkin Weight Scale 2,700 / set 1 set 2,700

8 Wooden Cabinate Packing 7.00 / kg Labour Charge 4,900

To have a better understanding on this issue, kindly visit our blog http://bit.ly/2tpmBdx

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